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There’s something interesting about this blog post. Can you find it?

f shaped content patternFace it, you bought into the headline. Didn’t you? That’s okay, because I have an important lesson to share with you.

You’ve likely heard this by now, but I’ll repeat for emphasis: eyeballs are the prized commodity of the social web writer.

Too many bloggers mistakenly write for the sake of selling their product. Instead, you must write with the earnest desire of buying your audience’s attention.

Teach them, help them, wow them,  and always strive to reach them.

Here’s why this post is interesting

Outside of the nugget I just shared with you. Here’s the interesting secret that professionals know and use: this post is optimized in an F-shaped pattern for the specific purpose of gaining your attention.

Various eye-tracking studies have shown that readers respond best when you top-load your posts with content in a pattern that resembles the capital letter “F.”

Your eyes naturally follow this behavior.

This content management practice, while it should never be a substitute to creating quality content, involves the stacking of:

  • Long compelling headline, in large font size
  • Large, descriptive content lead
  • Eye-catching imagery
  • Strong bold subhead
  • Concise body copy
  • Short, bold call to action at the bottom

The blog Quicksprout has an evolved discussion on the topic. If you want to read more, please go read 8 Powerful Takeaways from Eye Tracking Studies

Now, let me ask you: 

What’s your favorite type of post to read? Please comment. Short ones, long ones, list posts, posts using humor? I’m about curious what you like.

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photo credit: Robert Hruzek via photopin cc