5 Reasons Not to Hire Freelance Writers

(and 5 reasons it’s a great idea) It’s time to face the ugly truth — there’s a problem with Freelance Writers. Like it or not, freelance writers carry a stigma as the red-headed stepchildren in the marketing underground. Unfortunately, it’s a common assumption. Today, let’s bury a few of our rumors, myths and misconceptions.

Let’s build your Core

Establishing a profitable marketing strategy for your business is not only fun but it’s essential! You need a unique brand identity. Fact: the minutia of busywork will drag you down. As a business owner you may be so close to your brand that you can’t see who you truly are, and what you really should

Put words into Action

  Look, you’re focused on running your business — and rightfully so — but building an audience of motivated customers is an important step that often takes a back seat. You need content that sells your brand while you work, eat, and sleep. We all think we’re special, right? Having a strong outreach plan will