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Do you establish your authority through branded articles?

Establishing authority is important for any brand. Blog posts and branded articles are an excellent way to do this, while grabbing some much-needed organic SEO.

My latest work with offers expert tips for this sailing industry website.

In an article titled “3 Essential Tips for Improving Skipper/Crew Communication,” my key goals were to:

  • address an evergreen topic — offering content with a long shelf life and good SEO keywords
  • offer readers 3 quick takeaways — helpful tips that will build brand trust
  • create a grabby headline — a must for sharable content

Regardless of your brand, evergreen content will endear your business to your customers.

If you have questions about topics your brand can use for evergreen content, please comment below or drop me a line.

Read the article here.


photo credit: Birthday Sailing via photopin (license)