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Here’s Why You Have Word Power!

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Do your words really matter at all? I’m going to tell you what I think. A post for bloggers, small business owners, and content writers.

Quite often you’re going to see me blogging about interesting posts I’ve read on writing and other related topics, and one blog post recently got me really thinking about passion in business and writing.

The great blogger Jeff Goins asks the question “What difference do my words make?” in a post called “A Writer’s Biggest Struggle.

Ironically, just earlier today I was having a similar internal dialog at the gym, just sweating on the treadmill and thinking about the importance of the written word in today’s digital society. I came down to one strong conclusion.

Do your words matter. They should!

That’s only true if you have the right intentions. Every writer should set out with the goal in mind of helping people, and let me explain that helping people means easing the human understanding, whether it means understanding concepts or products or ideas.

It’s not just about capitalism it’s about showing others a better way of life. You, the writer, have this gift.

But remember, you need a pure heart before you can enjoy the holy grail. We all have a responsibility to help people understand ways to make their lives better. Then and only then, I believe, you’re really doing the good writer’s work.

This means you have to write with:

  • Strong descriptions, never deceptive, that lead customers into quality buying decisions
  • Tutorials that help people find the specific product that’s right for them
  • Copy that fully explains your unique processes and beliefs
  • How-to articles for learning how to maximize the use of your product
  • Descriptions of various ways customers can use your product in their unique daily life
  • Answers to customer problems and frequently asked questions

And, when I say product I really mean everything: a widget, a service, a type of entertainment, a training program, a solution, whatever you’re offering with blood, sweat, and tears.

Now I must explain that Jeff uses his writing skills to help find homes for orphans in Haiti and Uganda — the most noble of pursuits — but, that’s not necessarily what I’m talking about. I think on a smaller scale we can help people around us by finding solutions that fit their lives.

Words matter!

Keep this in mind when you write your next blog post. You’re not just selling a widget

Am I off track here? Please read Jeff Goin’s article and then in your comments below let me know what you think.

Now, go get your blog up and running and filled with powerful, helpful words.

Now get blogging — JEFF

photo credit: judge_mental via photopin cc