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Take this Quiz — Stop your blog from falling behind!


Is your blog more like a stale refrigerator or a broken lighthouse? If you’re a busy small business owner the chances are pretty good that it’s both!

Read the following 3 questions and decide how you rate.

Is your blog

      1. Written in an interesting fashion?
      2. Offering something insightful, educational, entertaining, or all 3?
      3. Publishing fresh content at least once a week?

If you took the above quiz and failed on at least one of the points then you need help.

Think of your blog like a lighthouse continually sweeping the landscape and broadcasting your brilliant message, 24/7. Its main purpose is to guide customers and support your business. Having an underperforming blog is like having a broken lighthouse. The light keeps spinning around but the bulb is burnt out.

Let’s discuss a few key ways you can fix your blog:

1) Make it interesting, MUCH MORE interesting

Let’s put it bluntly, writing may not be your strong suit… otherwise you’d be doing my job. Even if you are a glowing wordsmith there’s still a lot of ways to mess things up. Regardless of who you are, you can write a quality blog post if you include the key elements.

Here’s a quick rundown on what makes an interesting, read-worthy blog post:

  • Catchy headline: something that addresses a relatable experience or problem
  • Strong lead: your first sentence should make a statement or ask a question that grabs your reader and compels them to read on
  • Support info: bring your lead down to earth with some hard evidence of a problem, a promise, or a scenario. Use statistics, quotes and metaphors to get this done
  • Bullets: offer 3-5 smart takeaways that that reader will remember, and use, and share with others
  • Call to action: tell the reader what you want them to do or buy because of this info
  • Send off: wish the reader well, tell them to come back, and offer links to other specific articles they may also like

Plug your content into these guidelines and you’re on your way to a consistently readable blog. Great start!

2) Offer insight, educate, entertain, or all three

I love the classic movie Planes Trains and Automobiles. it’s such a relatable adventure. In one memorable scene Steve Martin’s character told Tom Tuttle from Tacoma that when you’re telling stories — have a point! “It makes it so much more enjoyable to the listener.”

Unfortunately, the delivery was in a less than constructive manner, but it’s a worthy tip all the same.

Always remember: good blog writing should be like story telling. You offer information with the ultimate purpose of gaining the respect and adoration of your reader. Once done, it will translate into more business to you.

Construct your blog posts like you’re telling a story using heart and soul, sweat and tears, sounds and colors, facts and truth. Be consistent with this and people will faithfully come back.

3) Freshen up each week

There are two reasons to pay attention here. One, I’m asking you to take time and resources out of your business to write new posts for your blog. Two, there is no clearly defined answer as to how often you should post. Opinions differ, but you need to decide what works best for you based on the above two points.

I will say this, if you’re not giving your blog fresh content at least once each week, then you’re keeping a stale refrigerator. New readers and new customers won’t come back to the fridge for your content and ultimately, you will miss out on business.

Here are three ways to keep your blog fresh:

First, time management helps. Choose a blog writing schedule and stick to it. Do you have 15 – 30 minutes a few days each week to market your business? You know you do!

Second, you can delegate your blog writing to a colleague or family member.

Third, yes… here it goes, you could hire me to do it all for you. Yes, the plug: Doubek Worldwide Media specializes in writing blog posts that engage your customers and attract new ones. Contact us today and I’ll offer you a FREE CONSULTATION on making your blog better. What’s to lose? Do it today!

Now, share the goodness

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photo credit: Adrian Kingsley-Hughes via photopin cc