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The comment train – a must-have blogging tip

What is the best thing your blog can do to earn readership?

I’ll tell you in a second, but first let’s discuss what top bloggers know to avoid:

The “Post and Forget” mentality

A major no-no for bloggers is to feel like the job is done once it’s posted. The job’s not over bucko… not even close!

The next step is to create a system of sharing. Broadcast it out to your readers. Schedule it for multiple shares on all your social media outlets today, and over the next weeks and months. Email it out to your customers. Talk about it in your sales messaging and other communication. Add it as a postscript in all your marketing email messages. Get that word out!

Sharing your post can make the difference between good content and a tree falling in a lonely forest.

No link love

Another mistake is not linking your content within your blog. Your wonderful readers need more doors in and out.

Go through your archives of blog posts and find relevant articles that you may be able to reference in your post, and conversely, add links in the old posts to your new one. These links keep the reader’s attention and are a huge boost to your organic SEO strategy. It reinforces that you write a body of purposeful articles.

Giving your blog readers more roads of discovery is a major boost to readership.

[EDIT: Here’s a great article by Neil Patel on content linking.]

Poor recycling habits

Bloggers often fail to maximize the full potential of their content.

Having a content repurposing strategy is a major tool for a brand’s blog. I wrote about this in a recent post called “Use the whole chicken.” You should be able to take the topic and much of its content to create other assets for your brand.

This includes:

  • YouTube videos: write a quick script that focuses on a particular topic
  • Social media posts: your article can become a series of important tips and tricks for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Instagram: attach an interesting photo to one of your topics
  • PowerPoint: create a sharable slideshow
  • Press releases: cite your information in a marketable news format
  • Other blog posts: write another post that details one particular takeaway
  • Email: repurpose your topic into a series of tips for your customers

Hop on the comment train!

Here’s the point I promised you.

One of the healthiest activities you can do for your blog is encourage engagement. Do this by finishing your post by inviting your readers to comment.

Say it with me: ENGAGEMENT. Your blog wants it, your brand needs it.

The mark of any great blogger I’ve ever read is they get people to respond. Commenters thank, they disagree, they add their 2 cents – it’s a thread of people who create a personal tribe around your content. That’s gold!

This is where you’ve got to be vigilant. Every comment deserves an answer. Thank your reader. Answer their questions. Ask them new ones. Don’t let the energy die.

Don’t forget that comments can come days, even years after a blog was posted. WordPress and other blogging platforms can notify you by email any time a comment is posted. Don’t let any go unanswered. Show you care about the people who read your blog. It’s a huge warm fuzzy!

Best yet, comments have legs. Use them. Share them. Turn them into stand-alone topics for another day.

It stinks when you feel like you’re not being heard. Not getting comments? Follow-up with a comment of your own. Make them feel as though they’re co-authors of this topic. If that doesn’t work, perhaps you need to ask your readers what they want to read about. Search around your industry and find out what they’re talking about. Focus your blog posts on issues your brand is trying to solve.

If your blog has a true purpose then people will engage. That’s when the comment train starts rolling.

Feel like you can use these tips? Please share your thoughts on gaining blog engagement below.

Photo Credit: Entre Durmientes (Mauro C.)