Content marketing

What is content marketing anyway? A simple definition you should know

what is content marketing

I interrupt this broadcast to give you a simple lesson that could impact your business future. Imagine if you could…

You’re at home on the couch watching prime time television. A commercial break arrives featuring a pretty woman who smiles as she walks through her beautiful day, which we see began by her brushing her teeth with brand X.

Now imagine instead this alternative…

A commercial arrives that cleverly offers 7 reasons a better smile will improve your life, your relationships, and your career, followed by practical tips for keeping your teeth whiter.

Would you pay more attention to the second scenario? Perhaps. Would you care about the business that is offering these tips? I’m willing to wager, yes.

Traditional vs. Content Marketing

This, my good friend, is the difference between traditional marketing and content marketing, and more and more businesses are enlisting this cost effective and measureable strategy for their online marketing.

In its purest definition, content marketing is the art of connecting with your customers and prospects without direct selling.

It’s different from the traditional model of interrupting our customers by “telling and selling” we’ve long grown accustomed to.

Creating and distributing valuable content builds trust, establishes brand authority, and helps would-be customers make more educated purchasing decisions.

If instead of constantly pitching and selling your business, what if you could get customers to choose you simply because they appreciate the value your business provides? Content marketing makes that a possibility.

5 tips to boost your content marketing

If you’re looking for a starting point here are some ideas:

  1. Company news and product updates on your website
  2. Product or service “how-to’s” on your blog
  3. Twitter updates, broadcasting information from website
  4. LinkedIn updates, sharing recent posts to appropriate groups
  5. YouTube videos that walk customers through a specific problem or “pain”

Ready to try it?

Content marketing is a proven formula that can help your brand get noticed. Ask us today how we can help your business get started, or improve your existing efforts.


photo credit: Brushing teeth via photopin (license)